STUDIO METAPLASI was founded in 1984 by visual artists Nikos Zouboulis and Titsa Grekou, who, in their quest to eliminate the barrier between fine art and interior décor, turned to the field of furniture and functional object design. The couple was the first in Greece to present creations in the spirit of the “new international style,” contemporaneously with comparable design teams abroad. Their visual art enterprise integrated multimedia, body art, and performance-installation, in which they used the human form moved behind latex sheeting, a material they were the first to adopt as a personal means of expression in projects that adhered to the international avant-garde movements of the 1970s.

During its 40 years of activity, Studio Metaplasi has created a variety of furniture styles that span the entire spectrum of interior and exterior design for homes, offices, commercial spaces, etc. With its total control over the designing, the researching of new materials and techniques, and the construction of each model in its factory, the company has the unlimited potential to adapt its designs to the specific spaces and practical requirements of its clients. At the same time, Studio Metaplasi undertakes the complete transformation of interiors, from functional furniture and lighting to artistic intervention.

Many of Studio Metaplasi’s models have won recognition for their innovative design and quality construction in international expositions. In 1984, at the company’s outset, the Italian magazine Abitare, in an article titled “The Best Furniture of 1984,” featured Greece with the Studio Metaplasi collection. In 1985, the company received the Bronze Medal at SAD’85, the international design exposition at the Grand Palais in Paris. On the occasion of this exhibition, the DIAS table was the sole model chosen by the exhibition organizers for publication in the magazine Nouvelle Observateur. In 1986, the company took part in the international exhibition, Interieur ’86, in Kortrijk, Belgium and began its collaboration with the Belgian furniture company Mirodan Creation, which imported its designs. Also that same year, Studio Metaplasi participated in the international design exhibition, At Home With The World, at the Chicago Merchandise Mart, on the occasion of which the model FLAMINGO appeared in The Chicago Tribune. In 1987, the company exhibited in and collaborated with the Topeka Kansas Gallery, also in Chicago, which imported its furniture. In 1988, Studio Metaplasi was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Furniture in the International Art Competition in New York. Most recently, in 2005, Studio Metaplasi took part in the international competition Design 2005 in Valencia, Spain.

The company’s styles are available in volume production as well as in limited edition. It also designs unique projects to suite individual clients. The success of Studio Metaplasi’s creativity is reflected in the timeless appeal of many of its models, such as the DIAS (1984) and ORPHEUS (1989) tables, which are still produced today.

Since 2000 Sophia Zoubouli, has joined the company’s design team , always in the spirit of Metaplasi – “reshaping art into furniture and objects.”

Creative Thinkers
Team Members

A team of skilled professionals with expertise in different areas of interior design. Together, we work to provide clients with comprehensive design solutions that meet their needs and preferences.

Nikos Zouboulis

Titsa Grekou

Sofia Zoubouli

Nikos Zouboulis & Titsa Grekou

Nikos Zouboulis (1953) & Titsa Grekou (1951) both were born in Athens. They both studied interior design at Doxiades College in Athens (1969-1972, Nikos & 1970 - 1973 Titsa) Nikos also studied Sculpture at Hammersmith College of Art and Building , London (1973). In 1973 Nikos started experimenting with new materials, invents LATEX sheeting and explores its applications for moving sculpture.

From 1975 , when they started working together, they have participated in group exhibitions such as :

1977-MITO E REALTA, Bari
1982 - EMERGING IMAGES / Europalia ’82 I.C.C., Antwerp
1984 - BIO 10 / Biennial of Industrial Design, Ljubljana with the company STUDIO METAPLASI, established from them in Athens, a company about design, furniture manufacture and interiors.
In 1985 they participated in Linea ’85 / Europa,Ghent, Belgium, and they win the bronze prize in SAD ’85 / 650 Créateurs Européens, Grand Palais, Paris.
1986 - AT HOME WITH THE WORLD, The Merchandise Mart / Expocenter, Chicago, Collaboration with MIRODAN CREATION Company, Belgium were they export their products.
1987 - TOPEKA-KANSAS 1987 / Preview showing of New Works in preparation for the International New Art Forms Exposition, showroom/gallery, Chicago.
In 1989 they design the New Collection for Mirodan Creation, Belgium - METAPLASEIS '89, which they present Studio Metaplasi showroom, Kolonaki Athens.
1994 ART & TABAC design,Galleria EOS, Milan curator Pierre Restany
1999- THE PERMANENT COLLECTION Alexander Iolas - Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
2001- MYTHOLOGIES OF THE BOOK / Contemporary Greek Artists, Book Fair, Forum, Frankfurt
2005 -23rd INTERNATIONAL cDIM DESIGN AWARDS -International Furniture Fair, Valencia Spain
2006 - II FREE INTERNATIONAL FORUM,Piantagione Paradise di Joseph Beuys, Bolognano
2007 -52nd BIENNALE DI VENEZIA PALINDROME 2006-2007, JOSEPH BOUYS, DIFESA DELLA NATURA THE LIVING SCULPTURE Kassel 1977 - Venezia 2007 ΟΜAGGIO A HARALD SZEEMANN Curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, Spazio Thetis Venice
2008 -GLI ARTISTI DEL SILENZIΟ , 3rd free International Forum ,Curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, Bolognano Italy
2009 - DESIGN LAB "Proposals & Trends – the Greek Design's Approach to Furniture and Object" ,Curated by Nikos Zouboulis - Titsa Grekou
Athens 2009, 54th BIENNALE DI VENEZIA THALATTA-ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑ The Creative Rooms,Certosa Hotel,Curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, Certosa Island Venice
2019 they participated in the exhibition Soiree La Luce del Pansiero ,in Florence with their piece Candle Light Illusion . The exhibition was organized and curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini in collaboration with Guzzini.
They have collaborated with many art collectors such as Alexandre Iolas, Dakis Joannou , Lucrezia de Domizio Durini and others

Sofia Zoubouli

Sofia Zoubouli was born in 1980 in Athens. In 1998, she started studying Interior Architecture and Decoration at the Athenian Artistic and Technological Group AKTO.
In 2000, she participated in the group's annual show with the FIORI lamp.
In 2001, she graduated from school and joined STUDIO METAPLASI, where he designs places, furniture, and works on unusual projects.
She specializes in visual arts and photography, working on projects for events, residences, and businesses.