ORPHEUS/white coffee table

Design: Nikos Zouboulis - Titsa Grekou 1989/2006

ORPHEUS/white,coffee table in lacquered wood,white colored glass and stainless steel was originally designed in 1989 by Nikos Zouboulis & Titsa Grekou for the Belgian company MIRODAN CREATION. This piece combines innovatory design with simplicity and ergonomy. The white colored glass and white lacquer makes it look elegant and lightweight adding a touch of freshness to your room. This piece can be used in your home as a classic coffee table or in your office as well. The trasportation is easy as the model dissasemples in three pieces which are pieced together with stainless steel parts.

Colors             White

Materials        Lacquered wood in white lacquer,white colored glass,stainless steel

Dimensions   Length:   120cm

                          Width:       80cm

                           Height:    40cm

Design: Nikos Zouboulis – Titsa Grekou 1989/2006

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