SLIM 50/ desk-console with drawers

Design: Nikos Zouboulis - Titsa Grekou 2008

SLIM 50 is a modern and minimal desk-console with three drawers made of lacquered mdf,colored glass and lacquered metal.SLIM/fuchsia desk-console combines functionality and high quality design.In the drawers you can store your favorite books, glasses, cell phone charger,keys and many other things.The legs made of lacquered metal are very thin so SLIM 50/fuschia is very lightweight though its’ robust structure, and the colored glass adds warmth to every space.It was designed in 2008 by Nikos Zouboulis & Titsa Grekou.

Materials: MDF in lacquer,colored glass,metal

Dimensions:      Width: 160cm Χ Depth: 50cm Χ Height: 75cm

Dimensions and materials can change upon request

Delivery time:   4-6 weeks

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