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Most people that try to get a business started online start off with trying to get easy money, agree? Okay, and with that in mind, they get scammed by all these push button systems, right? Lets face it, if you get ripped off a few times for a few hundred bucks, you WILL give up and believe it is all too good to be true.There’s no easy way out once you’re in a canyon. The mental marathon is only over once you’ve set foot into the warm sunshine of the outside world. On a day in Malvaglia Canyon, that requires a four hour commitment to being in uncomfortable places. It protects well, though. It may look and feel like a lightweight, but it protects like Chuck Norris. HeeeeYah! It features an ultra light laminated foam shell with ABS panels strategically in place along it’s body for extra toughness.

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  Really good price point for it’s material, and I like the design. No issues so far.

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